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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  July 19, 2009 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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crises. on behalf of all of us at the fox news channel this is mike huckabee thank you for joining us and as walter cronkite. >> absolutely. i want to say hi to people at parker house in new jersey. it's a bar. >> julie: developing now, six people killed in a killing spree expands to states. a suspect is in custody tonight, now the search for a motive. i julie banderas and where life as fox reports tonight. >> to catch a killer, the race to find the mastermind of two deadly hotel bombings before he can strike again. now new clues found in the wreckage has injured americans heal from their wounds and are -- our top diplomat draws a line in the sand. >> the threat of such violent extremism is still very real. it is global. it is ruthless. it is nihilistic and must be
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stopped. >> julie: they agree on the goal >> our senate and house of representatives are both debating proposals for health insurance reform. >> julie: it's getting there that's tough. >> we know there are those who will oppose reform the matter what to make the president and some democrats insist we must rush this plan through. >> i will not sign onto any health plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade to make the president and congressional democrats have even proposed cutting medicare to pay for their plan. >> julie: is the back-and-forth drags on, the clock ticks down. america is waiting. his health-care reform coming to give. >> good evening from the cbs news control center near. this is walter cronkite, reporting. >> julie: there will never be another one like him. tonight we pay tribute to the best there ever was. a final farewell to walter
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cronkite. first tonight though, new details on a pair of suicide bombings in oak tree american hotels in the capital of indonesia. the country's health minister saying four of the eight reported people killed in the blast were foreign. we are told two from us earlier, one from new zealand and another from singapore. the fifth is identified to be from indonesia. the twin blasts injured more than 30 others including eight americans. counterterrorism experts say the attacks may be a sign of renewed length and strength in the region. explosions have been in indonesia capital city charter at the marriott and it's gotten high-rise hotels which are located right in the main business district. there was no claim of responsibility for the attacks but investigators there to say this man, on malaysian fugitive, who heads up a southeast asian militant network, is a likely suspect. in nine of his last night in jakarta, indonesia, with the
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latest. >> hi, julie, in fact the lead suspect is a malaysian man. he is believed to be linked to a breakaway group linked to the group jamar islami behind three of the past terrorist attacks in indonesia. today we went to the location of both hotel bombings that occurred yesterday. here's what we found. >> they were considered among the most well secured hotels in jakarta. operating at the highest security level and on as code red. which means there were 40 different security procedures already in place. including drop-down barriers were vehicles had to be inspected or in metal detectors, x-ray machines and special explosive a pretty tech detectors. but that did not stop the attacks. >> terrorists continue to evolve their tactics. we need to continue to evolve our procedures. >> this is the marriott hotel, the site of the first attack were police say the suspects have come days earlier to plan the attack and room 1808.
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lease tell the associated press that handwritten notes were pulled from the room as well as a possible bomb inside of a laptop. what are measures people can take that might minimize their risk due too. >> been asked to take a room and the backward would be exposed to the front end to vehicular traffic area but i was staying on the 23rd floor, and i hardly knew anything had happened. ; there has not been a terrorist attack in years in indonesia, and the people hear wonder if this is the start of renewed violence in the region. and police morrow will meet with hotel executives to give them more information on exactly what they found over the past day and a half. stu and thank you so much. good to afghanistan where the u.s. military says an air force f-15 fighter jets slammed into the ground this morning killing both crew members onboard. afghan authorities say it happened in central afghanistan in the ghazni province just west
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of the capital city of kabul. the u.s. military says the u.s. judge was not write down by enemy fire and it is investigating the cause of the crash. >> what to do about the nation's healthcare problem to get it remains a huge debate on capitol hill with no resolution in sight. a massive bill aimed at revamping the healthcare system is now winding its way through three separate congressional committees. but president obama wants both the house and the senate to pass the legislation before congress this summer recess next month. earlier today he responded to critics who think his plan is too much big government. _ why, opponents of health reform warned that this is all some big pot for socialized medicine are government run healthcare with long lines and rations care. that's not true either. i don't believe that government can or should run healthcare. but i also don't think insurance companies should have free reign to do as they please. >> julie: republicans argue the house democrats version of the bill would add $239 billion to
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the deficit over the next decade. and they say caution, not speed, should be moving force to health-care reform. to make the president and some democrats insist we must rush this plan through. why did you because the more americans know about it, the more they oppose it. something this important needs to be done right rather than quickly. >> julie: we will have much, much more on the healthcare debate in a live report coming from washington later in the hour. in 1962 to 1981. he covered all the big stories
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of the time from the assassinations of president john f. kennedy and the reverend martin luther king jr. two racial and antiwar riots. watergate and the iranian hostage crisis. he covered at all. president barack obama called him the voice of certainty in an uncertain world. >> for decades, walter cronkite was the most trusted voice of america. it is rich baritone reached millions of living rooms every night. and in an industry of icons, walter set the standard by which all others have been judged it when it seems fitting there is a space shuttle mission underway. walter cronkite had a keen passion for space and followed the 1960s space race with open fascination anchoring marathon broadcast of major flights on including the first moon landing. or angle is in the studio with me now. >> hi, julie, indeed his endless enthusiasm for the space program will never be forgotten as we approach the 40th anniversary of man's first steps on the moon.
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walter cronkite is your number today is the man set the standard for journalists everywhere. a man referred to as local walter died last night as he set out cerebral vascular disease with his family by his side. his longtime colleagues have called him the father of television news, and the reporter wanted to be bigger up. there were so many historic moments that he brought us live. the first report the assassination of john f. kennedy. many will remember cronkite telling the audience to hang on a minute at the start of his broadcast one night when he was getting news that former president lyndon johnson had died. his colleagues remember the impact he had on the people he worked with. >> when he worked for walter, if walter called you i've seen grown men get scared in the newsroom. he really represented the core value of what still is the standard today. join some fun facts to know and tell about the news man he was a huge music fan. he loved the grateful dead. he played and click the drums and once played in a marching band. he was good friends with mickey
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hart the drummer of the dead he worked with on a vietnam documentary. walter cronkite will be remembered this thursday in new york at st. bartholomew's church on park avenue in a private funeral. there will be a celebration of his life and work held in a few weeks at new york's historic lincoln center. i talked to his son, chip, tonight, and he said the word condolences they received from everyone and help them through this time. >> julie: thank you. tonight is just into fox moments ago, we are told streetcars crashing in san francisco and injuring multiple people. no word yet on details. this is what we do know. lisa sang it happened at the west muni station on one train rear-ended another on the stations platforms. on one of the platforms. we'll get more on this area of two streetcars colliding at a train station in san francisco after decades apart, shirley mcgill raider x. high school sweetheart, and then on a cruise
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together at all went wrong. now surely mcgill is dead for. her husband is talking. what he has to say and the horrific details of what happened after the break. travel, stress, eating on the run.
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please some tennessee report than the killer behind the six murders that stretched over three crime scenes in two states. five of the murders happened either late yesterday or early today at two homes in rural lincoln county tennessee. the six marble and granite business in huntsville, alabama.
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no word yet on who the victims are the police revealed some work related. causes of death for a possible motive not yet known. investigators say the man they have in custody as confessed to all six killings c-1 a schoolteacher accused of killing his wife on a cruise ship is allegedly telling investigators he did it with his bare hands. and fbi special agent st. robert mcgill admits to killing his wife, shirley, in that after them of their cabin with just his hands. family and friends are in shock. it goes without saying. some say the pair had been living a romance story. there were x. high school sweethearts reconnecting decades later and married. now he is charged in her death on board this cruise ship. the medical examiner said she died of blunt force injury to her head and torso and strange elation. so far not obvious motive to want her body was found in an air-conditioning duct and high-resolution work.
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not an arrest in the murder of a new york city cleaning woman. the elevator operator at that building, joseph le bon ima theater that killed after being taken in custody last night. we say dna links that direct their number of regina rodriguez. this woman heard a dominican born cleaning woman, a mother. she went missing july 7 during her shift at the high-rise and the world trade center. surveillance video told police she never left the building and after an extensive search she was found four days later in the air-conditioning duct. to make a major political gathering and boxy, mississippi, with a few notable absences. today marks the kickoff of the annual national governors association meeting. it's a first-time mississippi hosted the event since 1935, and this year the topic of conversation seems to be not so much who is there, but rather who isn't. jonathan serrie joins us live from the mississippi coast coliseum and convention center in biloxi.
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evening. >> hi, julie. much of the attendants has to do with the economy. i'm going to take out our eiger piece was a great mix minus problem. the economy has taken center stage in particular federal stimulus money. some states that are constrained by balanced budget legislation are using stimulus funds to shore up deficits instead of spending on shuttle ready projects. unexpected cuts in consumer spending have put many state governments in a bind because of their dependence upon sales taxes. take away the consumer spending and their closer tax revenue. severe budget problems kept many governors at home. pennsylvania democrat, ed rendell, who chairs the nga had to stay in his home state or it instead addressing his conference in a video recording. and some republican no-shows include alaska governor sarah palin. telephone governor arnold schwarzenegger and south carolina governor sanford. i asked mississippi governor, haleigh barbour, this question.
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who do you think needs the gop during this point in time to do governor barbour said while publicans may have lost the bully pulpit of the white house, this time presents opportunities for not one but many voices to be heard. listen to this. >> people have been hearing from the bush administration for the last eight years. now they're saying different republicans. that's helpful and it's useful. >> governor barbour plans to post the nga conference back in 2006, that those plans were postponed by the cleanup in the wake of hurricane katrina which devastated the mississippi coast in 2005. now he hopes is his conference will help to showcase just how far his state has come heard as a comeback tour live shot, look at this parking lot i'm standing in right now. this property here, during the storm surge of hurricane katrina, was under 20 feet of water. look at it now. you have this printed conference center behind me which is hosted this governors conference. julie, thank you.
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>> julie: my bank about to tell you about tonight. federal regulators shut down for across the country yesterday been a number of federally insured banks that have failed
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this year to 57. the two biggest art in california of all places. both had more than $1 billion in deposits. another bank that was closed down in georgia had more than $100 million in deposits and the fourth in south dakota, more than $250 million. the federal deposit insurance corporation was appointed receiver of all for banks. >> california's multibillion-dollar budget crisis may be at an end. lawmakers in san francisco it's a bipartisan deal could come as soon as this weekend is after state democrats made what they describe as huge progress in closed-door negotiations with republican governor arnold shorts and enter. the deadlock was over the question of whether 2/ spending or raise taxes. runaway expenditures and plunging tax revenues are blamed for causing mistakes 26 billion-dollar budget deficit. to make a major christian charity group known for helping dozens of countries now under fire amid shocking allegations.
3:23 am
world vision international took more than a. that money was supposed to go to desperate folks and war-torn liberia. we're now being told that nearly all of it never made it to the right people. and some former employees spent it on themselves. our stacey sager was led with a story in los angeles. >> literally taking food out of a hungry person's mouth, but first let's start with the back story here. world vision international, they're headquartered in southern california but to humanitarian efforts in more than 100 countries across the globe. liberia has long been a focus of this christian group. the last two decades a lot of people know the african nation rocked by a civil war that killed more than 250,000 people, displaced millions and wiped out much of the country's infrastructure. world vision wanted to help get the country back on track. so they pumped in roughly 1.4
3:24 am
million u.s. taxpayer dollars to help rebuild the region and bring in much-needed supplies. >> on average, $.92 on each dollar makes overseas into programs. that's a tremendous average. these are organizations who have signed off and certified that they have systems in place to ensure that their resources are going to the right places. >> but here is where it gets troubling. a recent audit by world vision's own investigators discovered that only a fraction of the cash ever made it to the right people. the other 91% allegedly stolen. three former employees have been accused of selling the relief supplies for their own profit and also accusing the construction materials to renovate their own lavish homes and liberia instead of rebuilding war-torn villages. all three have been arrested and now face a long list of federal charges. world vision changing its policies to make sure it doesn't
3:25 am
happen again. >> we go back out into the field and check to ensure that the food was delivered to the people that the documents say it was delivered two. we've enhanced our background checks. we ensure now that everybody working on united states government grant has been through a purpose built training course *custom .world vision maintains this was a very isolated incident and want two-point out that last year the organization distributed more than $400 million all around the globe. >> julie: thank you live from los angeles. >> when it comes to selling cars, a free set of formats might be some dealers idea of an incentive, but in misery they are offering a little more bang for your buck. really. _ or send out our offers a free ak-47 rifle to anyone who buys a pickup truck in august. that's the same rapidfire assault weapon soldiers use in combat.
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the author builds on last years successful pistol giveaway. >> we get a lot of press out of these promotions. we sell a lot of cars and have a lot of fun. >> julie: customers will actually receive a $450 voucher to buy the weapon at a licensed gun shop. this was a proper background check can be done. >> is folks... i'm standing in the recession ballparks and other sports venues are feeling the pinch. coming up, we show you how one team is using the economic soft to give its fans a reason to cheer.
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>> julie: it's the bottom of a hard time to the top of the news. police in indonesia say this is one of two homicide bombers who attacked a pair of butcher hotels in jakarta. a people were killed, 50 more wounded including eight americans. the attacks are the markings of an al qaeda linked group definition is saying goodbye to an icon of american journalism. author contact, once known as the most trusted man in america, died last night in new york. president obama pay tribute calling for but what -- cronkite the voice of certainty in an uncertain world. he was 92. >> as we mentioned earlier the debate over health care reform
3:31 am
rages on between capitol hill and the white house. president obama is putting pressure on my makers to pass a bill before they take their summer recess next month. even with a tight deadline the plan faces numerous hurdles from both sides of the aisle. i henneberg joins us live from washington with more. >> republicans say there is no reason to rush something as important as health care reform or did the president obama wants to know if congress is going to keep" talking in tinkering" or inabilities here. the congressional budget office says the democrat house bill would add 239 to the deficit over ten years. here's what president obama said about overall cost concerns. >> we have urged congress to include a proposal for standing commission of doctors and medical experts to oversee cost savings measures. i want bigger clear. i will not sign on to any health
3:32 am
plan that adds to our deficits over the next decade. by helping improve quality and efficiency, the reforms we make will help bring our deficits under control in the long-term. >> republicans say the way to reform healthcare is to stop medicare and medicaid fraud, stop frivolous lawsuits, strengthen prevention programs and enable small businesses to band together to buy health insurance like large corporations do. and they say the democrats plan will "create mountains of new debt." directors good reason to be skeptical when the president tells us we need to pass the democrats failed to help the economy. >> senator kyl said the more americans find out about the president's plan, "the more they oppose it." president obama says doing nothing but lead to increasing healthcare costs for families. sue and take it very much, live in washington. >> kerry clinton makes her very first on her first trip to india today as america's top diplomat.
3:33 am
among the goals, seeking to strengthen our alliance with india in the war on terror. the nuclear armed allies still scarred from attacks in the capital city of mumbai last year , attacks that raised tensions between the country and its nuclear armed nemesis, pakistan. our james rosen has the story from mumbai. schenectady me. secretary of state clinton is the first senior obama administration official to visit india which has emerged over the last decade as a major player in the global economy and is a key u.s. ally on a broad range of issues. the secretary began her visit in mumbai on a somber note signing a book of condolences in a posh hotel house, the very same hotel where terrorist attack last november 26, whereas a symbolic gesture she herself is spending two nights. americans share a solidarity with the city and nation she wrote in the book having both our people have expressed the sense of censoring effects of violent extremism and both, clinton said, can be grateful
3:34 am
and proud of the heroism of brave men and women whose courage saved lives and prevented greater harm on 2611 as that attack is known and 9/11. indian reporters peppered mrs. clinton with questions about whether the united states has led some hidden role in the talks donated by the terrorist issues between pakistan and india. the president denied that saying the two are settling the streets on her own. instead clinton sought to expand the relationship between washington and new delhi. >> we see the dialogue that we are going to be embarking upon with india to be extremely important. it will have five pillars. it is comprehensive. it goes across the areas of strategic operation, agriculture, education, healthcare, science and technology. >> eating up the typical breakneck pace she keeps on these trips site recently breaking or although, the secretary had meetings with
3:35 am
business leaders, women entrepreneurs and with education leaders. traveling with secretary of state clinton in mumbai, india, james rosen, "fox news." >> julie: north korea state television releasing the pictures of kim jong-il. take a look. these are new photos. while there are undated the state-run tv claims he's a recent photos of the leader inspect one of his country's army navy. this after reports we first broke your "fox report" last weekend saying the 67-year-old leader was diagnosed with cancer and has only five years to live. speculation had been running high because of kim jong-il god -- gone to appearances at recent events jaculate has classes on some of the most fought over land and history, and when she pride on the road to change a nation. just two stops as we go around the world in 80 seconds. >> u.s. bank: hundreds of protesters clashing with israeli troops while demonstrating against a massive security barrier. the barrier cuts through villages and fields the
3:36 am
palestinians say belonged to them. the protesters hurling rocks at the soldiers who responded by firing tear gas into the crowd. >> china: dozens of students from the uk quarantines in a hotel after several were diagnosed with the h1 and one virus commonly known as swine flu. one american tourist says people from the u.s. spain and other countries, are also being held in the hotel. >> india: the first customers get keys to india's new nano car a cheap model sign to bring automobiles to the masses. the cars start at just about 2000 bucks a piece. and the indian company that makes them, says the first 100,000 vehicles, will be delivered by the end of next year. stacks up africa. celebrating the birthday of a global icon and native son. former south african president, now some men don't, turning 91 years old today, which is also
3:37 am
been declared the first mandela day. supporters gathered at a museum dedicated to the anti-apartheid did -- viktor chernomyrdin's good deeds. that's a wrap on this boxed around the world in 80 seconds. >> julie: sports teams across the country are struggling to fill the stands as the recession drags on. but baseball team in new jersey is using the economic slump to their advantage. the new round of incentives that are going to be a homerun with cash-strapped fans. rick leventhal has the story from the garden state. sue hecht please logon -- to make it to last game of the first half of the independent league baseball season. the new jersey jackals find themselves vibrant sound at home against the american defenders of new hampshire. yogi berra stadium is just under half full. nearly 1600 people. not bad for a weeknight. lots of families of die hard jacko fans and some just trying to win a pile of cash.
3:38 am
immaculate to sign up for mortgage monday? >> on mortgage monies tickets registered to have their regular mortgage paid for two months for a total of $4000. >> it's a big deal. absolutely. >> tuesdays is buy one get one free but monday's foreground. that's big money. see macos x jackal to helping out to make the drawing itself at the top of the inning stacking up on jack chick you the winner is kevin and thoughtless. >> oblate. >> much of a difference does this make for you to give. >> house a lot. my mom is sick and everything it helps a lot. i would have asked her for money for couple months. >> even at ten bucks a seat it's challenging to sell tickets especially in a market with the yankees and mets so the jackals off or promotions every. >> to try to fill the stands. tennis ball tosses, t-shirt
3:39 am
giveaways, dollar beer nights, free plane tickets, you name it, the jackals that. >> that's a minor league baseball is about. coming up with a new promotion that gets people's attention and get sent to the ballpark. that's what we do every single day. >> one big winner and lots of smaller ones and the jackals, they lost 8-7. in the falls, new jersey, rick leventhal, "fox news." >> julie: so you wish you were an oscar mayer wiener to give many not in this particular case. the famous winner mobile gets collared in someone's living room and gives a whole new meaning to the term dog house. wait until you hear how it happened, next. woman 1 ] last yr i had a 180 average. then i had a fracture... and missed the rest of the season. [ woman 2 ] i love taking my grandchild out, but a fracture... kept me home for weeks. [ female announcer ] if you have post-menopausal osteoporosis,
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>> julie: and their estimates take their first role outside the international space station the action unfolding some 225 miles above the earth. a space walker having to attach a porch on japan's lab at the station. the structure we used to conduct up your spirits. the astronauts are preparing the area where it will be installed. the arms will be used to lift the platform into place. >> nearly 40 years ago the world marveled as american astronaut neil armstrong and buzz aldrin touched down on the moon and the decade since have done little to dampen humanities enthusiasm for exploring the mysteries of space. for proof, i just just look at the kennedy space center. visitors from around the globe flock there to visit the machines that brought us the stars. phil keating takes us there. >> thanks to retired astronaut john mcbride, erin dean and her family from scotland just got a memory about space exploration and they will never forget that
3:44 am
people want to know what we get out of space. i said you are touched by a space that from the time you get a morning gig that night snack from the early days when nasa sent a chimpanzee into orbit to the apollo missions putting on the moon to images provided by the hubble telescope to the construction of the space station, people all over the world have watched and fantasized with wonder about all kinds of possibilities. what you want to be when you grow up. >> astronaut. >> lidtke june that i'm interested in space sciatic idea of exploring new terrain, new territory and it's the spirit of america and i think it's are here tonight at the kennedy space center visitor complex, 1.5 million tourists a year visit the rocket garden, consolation globe and the new orion space capsule which will replace the space shuttle is retired. you can see how far we have
3:45 am
come. back in the 60s onboard gemini seven, astronauts frank portman and jim lovell orbited the earth 206 times over 14 days sitting in this tiny cramped little spacecraft. could even stretch their legs. since then, we have watched tragedies unfold live, collectively mourned the loss of life, and then routed for nasa to persevere. >> we explore space in order to make our world better. and that kind of says it all for me. >> and in our expanding universe, we earthlings continue doing the same, looking up and reaching out for new discoveries. in cape canaveral, phil keating, "fox news". >> julie: brand-new developments on that light rail train collision we told you about in san francisco. this video courtesy of kgo just coming into our newsroom. we're told that there are injuries. in fact san francisco police
3:46 am
department has said that there are injuries mostly minor injuries. no fatalities reported her too that is the good news. but this happened at the west portal station in the city. it is now closed and dozens of passengers are being treated at the hospital. so they being treated there with braces on the scene and transported to the hospital. this crash reportedly happening on one train per and another as they both apparently were leaving the station. i say we can, beautiful day in san francisco, there were children, men and women and young and with onboard so certainly good news to know there were no such alleys. mostly minor injuries reported in separate cisco. sue on hot weather, transgression claims not a good mix for fire fighters. it's our first step as we go across america. and suing california: it's appointed 200 fire fighters to get the upper hand on his
3:47 am
brushfire friday afternoon but had some strong aerial support. in the end, only 50 acres were scorched. no homes were lost. >> wisconsin: is this what they mean by the dog days of summer? the famous winner mobile lands in hot water after making an unexpected visit in someone's home. neighbors say the driver took a wrong turn down the block. when she tried to turn around, she reportedly hit the gas instead of the brake. you can see what happened next. >> to keep laughing about it to keep from crying. >> julie: no one was hurt soon texas: sheriffs are calling upon the biggest pot busts they've had in years. no wonder. this sophisticated bar has run a farm was designed to hear it doesn't last. >> we're still looking at who owns the land, and any other information we can get the apostolate lead to unrest. >> julie: the street value of the plants, around $2 million.
3:48 am
arizona: a vicious crime in phoenix. a 94-year-old woman on a scooter is severely hurt while scuffling with a mugger. police say he knocks brass as stall to the ground when she refused to hand over hers. but saul thought back to mecca grab him. i said you're not quite get it through when the suspect was not a short time later. so the rehab but she says it will stop her from having her life. she is not afraid. no, i'm not afraid about. >> julie: as a fox watch across america. snacking on pipelines in the florida everglades. wildlife officials at the news conference out in the thick of it to explain their plan to reporters. then company showed up. then company showed up. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
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31 the state launching a plan to eradicate its python population. camera crews on hand as wranglers explain their new mission and it wasn't long before the first assignment came slithering by. fox's melissa medina reports. >> site handler is surging everglades and nabbing their prey, the burmese python. a celebration that these experienced handlers will be doing much more of. they have been given a permit and not have permission to eradicate as many pythons as they can get their hands on. >> until we find him they should be easy to get close to them. >> the titans euthanized them you can hide soul. experts say the wild west show is a must because they are
3:53 am
disrupting the everglades fragile ecosystem. >> our biggest concern is we don't want them to eat a florida panther. >> this is the told handler sees. what they do is cut right and the brain. easy to slip there and that shuts the central nervous system down. >> you put your hands on him to do something he doesn't enjoy it and you'll come back at you. >> to see you can see how long this guy is, we are told that his 9-foot as you can tell, it is much longer than me. more than 150,000 burmese pythons now call the everglades home. the handlers not getting paid for the job, just helping in the research. >> we get the stomach contents of the python, the size and gps were they caught them. >> julie: that sounds fun. that was vanessa medina from our miami affiliate. >> is getting older, he's getting better, and he keeps flying the way he is playing he will make history. 39-year-old tom watson holding a
3:54 am
one-stroke lead going into tomorrow's final round at the british open. the conditions have been brutal out there. keep in mind the best player in golf, tiger woods, didn't even make the cut. now if watson can hold on, it'll be the oldest player to win a major tournament in golf history. cool. good for him. sematic teenage boys got lost in the wilderness for days. his skills kept him alive in the mountains until a helicopter content. now that is safe, back at home, he is thousands in debt because the state says he needs to pay for his rescue. that's next. it can be tough living with copd... but i try not to let it slow me down. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.
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see what new information on "the fox report" on that light rail train collision in san francisco and the number of injuries. check out this video beating at the fox moments ago, we are told
3:58 am
now some 60 people are reported to have been hurt. more than half have been taken to the hospital. only three are said to be seriously injured. this crash reportedly happened when one train rear-ended another as they were both leaving the station. we're told that station is now closed. >> julie: eagle scouts plus the mountain for three days now faces a $25,000 fine from the state of new hampshire because he had to be rescued. the teenager, scott mason, was hiking alone on the badgers mount washington in april when he sprained his ankle, and it uses scouting skills to survive in the wild. here's a picture of scotland to rescue him after a helicopter actually lifted him to safety. the state, get this, has not find them to pay for the rescue costs because the quote "negligence." snack less luggage had last night. the tennessee bureau of investigation saying a suspect is in custody or the murder of six people in the state. five of the killings happened over the past two days in rural tennessee area and the sixth
3:59 am
place in alabama. to make indonesia's health ministry says four other ported help the -- four of eight people killed the american hotels in jakarta were foreigners. investigators daresay a malaysian fugitive who runs a southeast asian militant network is the likely suspect in the attacks. >> on this day in the year 64 a.d. and emperor fiddled and the city burned according to legend anyway. a small fire starts in a market near the circus maximus in rome, and quickly spreads. it raged nonstop for six days and when it was finally put out, more than two thirds of the capital of the roman empire was in ruins. roman writers would later say they ever, narrow, intentionally set fire so they could rebuild the city the way he wanted it. whether that's true until now. we do know the greatest city in the world was reduced to ashes 1945 years ago today.


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